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Think Outside the Fucking Box 70-Page Workbook

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This is your cheat sheet. Your GPS through the chaos that is your creative life and business. Ready to turn that mess into your message? Grab a pen, let's get this shit sorted. From branding to balancing your passions, this 70-Page Workbook's got you covered. Welcome to your multi-hyphenate life, Let's fucking go!

What to expect:

  • Self-Assessment Worksheets: Get clear on your skills, so you know what you're bringing to the table. What is a passion and hobby? Which will you turn into profit and how?
  • Career Options: Explore what’s out there, featuring real-world examples to get your gears turning.
  • Money Talk: Decode who you're serving and what you could be selling. Products and Services to make/sell.
  • Goal-Setting: Plan your conquests with hands-on exercises. Daily, weekly and monthly check in guides.
  • Personal Branding: A no-BS guide to standing out in a sea of same-same. Tips on portfolio set up, where to start, and mood board exercises and tips.
  • Networking Tips: Build those relationships without feeling like you’re selling your soul.
  • Time Management: Juggle those passions like a pro with actionable exercises and break things down into daily, weekly, and monthly goals with action plans.
  • Real-Life Challenges: Answers to the excuses we make for ourselves.
  • Motivation: Touch base on that imposter syndrome and lack of motivation and how to kick it out the window.
  • Podcast Picks: A list of podcasts to listen to for thriving as a multidisciplinary artist.
  • Celeb Multi-Hyphenates: Steal a little inspo from those who’ve made it big. I give you a lis of celebrities and what their resume carries and how you can too.
  • Coaching Deets: Interested in leveling up? You can work with me one-on-one if you need more help with monetizing your creative dreams and/or business.

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Donations Accepted but not required. Download this 65-page printable workbook and stop fucking around. It's the only guide you'll need to pivot from chaos to career. Say goodbye to the 'what ifs' and hello to the 'hell yes.' We're talking actionable steps, no BS. Get organized, get focused, and get that money.

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Think Outside the Fucking Box 70-Page Workbook

0 ratings
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